Bookkeeping News & Tips

Summer Payroll Tips

Summer time can be a boon for business and a welcome change to the sometimes tight job market. Millions of students endure the rite of passage of finding a summer job to bide their time during the break. That being said this can often cause quite the headache for a payroll manager when trying to han... [More]

July Bookkeeping Tips

For many accounting offices, bookkeeping can be the lifeblood of the office, keeping things moving along when it’s not tax season. That being said there are always way to improve on this service to help you and your clients. Maintaining a good bookkeeping business means dotting all of your i’s and c... [More]

Tips for Seasonal Employment

Summer time often provides a boon for small businesses all over the country. Increases in business often necessitate an increase in staff. Seasonal employment can be a great help during the busy summer days, keep in mind that you need to make sure that you cover your bases to ensure that this proces... [More]

Handwritten vs. Laser / Ink Jet Checks

Are you still writing checks by hand? Consider the benefits of printing checks on your laser or ink jet printer. Printed checks are a fast and efficient method of paying your bills. After entering bills into TaxSlayerBooks, use the "Check Printing" feature to choose the bills you’re ready to pay /... [More]

Payroll Tax Cut Extended

The New Year can bring myriad headaches to business owners as they prepare for tax deadlines and prepare to file their year-end returns. The stress can also carry over to their employees as they prepare to file their own taxes. Well, Happy New Year from the US Congress. In a slightly surprising move... [More]