Bookkeeping News & Tips

Payroll Tax Cut Extended

The New Year can bring myriad headaches to business owners as they prepare for tax deadlines and prepare to file their year-end returns. The stress can also carry over to their employees as they prepare to file their own taxes. Well, Happy New Year from the US Congress. In a slightly surprising move... [More]

The Importance of Record Keeping

Many businesses find record keeping a real hassle. I know, sometimes record-keeping seems too time-consuming and too elementary to bother with. Trust me, it’s better to deal with the headache now than suffer trouble down the road. The IRS can be very strict on businesses regarding good record-kee... [More]

Payroll Practice Basics

Navigating the foundation of a payroll practice and developing its success is no easy task. There are myriad pitfalls and opportunities for success. Mismanagement and inefficiency in a payroll practice, especially a new one, can lead to almost immediate downfall. Business Finance Magazine compiled 6... [More]

Meet the Team: Robert Hernandez

Name: Robert Hernandez Title: Business Manager Years with TaxSlayer: Four Q: What does your daily job activities involve? Training and development, support and marketing the books program. I also keep four sets of books for our clients. Q: What do you enjoy aside from your daily resp... [More]

Books Tip of the Month: Configuration

Everyone loves options…and options are only good when we know they are available to us, and how to make use of them. So here are some simple options in TaxSlayer Books that you may find useful if only you knew they were there! And “where is there?” you may ask…”In Configuration” I would answer! ... [More]