Bookkeeping News & Tips

The Importance of an Income Statement

The most important metric when measuring the financial health of your company is shown on an Income Statement. An income statement, often referred to as a Profit and Loss statement, is a financial statement that shows the revenues and expenses of a company during a specific period. This allows you to quickly quantify your company's profitability during any week, month, quarter, or year. The statement enables you to keep a finger on your company's pulse. [More]

Advantages of Our Cloud Based Bookkeeping and Payroll Program

You may have noticed a trend in computer technology towards cloud computing and away from client/server technology. This is a movement towards greater flexibility. As it pertains to our TaxSlayer Books Online, there are a slew of benefits to you, the user. We’re going to delve into a few of the top benefits right now. [More]

New TaxSlayer Online Bookkeeping and Payroll!

We are excited about the release of our newly revamped dashboard and hope you’ve had a chance to check it out! We understand that when you own a business, time can be your most valuable asset. The new enhancements make it easier for you to spend less time navigating the program and more time running your business. [More]