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Books Tip of the Month: Configuration

Everyone loves options…and options are only good when we know they are available to us, and how to make use of them. So here are some simple options in TaxSlayer Books that you may find useful if only you knew they were there! And “where is there?” you may ask…”In Configuration” I would answer! ... [More]

Small Business Administration

Starting and growing a small business is especially tough in these economic times. Financing is a main ingredient of growth, and it can be hard to find. Banks have really cut back on loans and made tighter restrictions for eligibility. But there is assistance out there. According to the Small ... [More]

Business Profile: Magellan Laboratories

One of the best ways to build a business is to learn from the success of others. This is a profile of the development and success of Magellan Laboratories. Prior to beginning the company, co-founder, Dr. Lowry Caudill, prepared himself by obtaining undergraduate and graduate degrees in chemistry... [More]

The Car Industry and Lessons from Peter Drucker

Peter Drucker was a self-proclaimed “social ecologist”. He is famous for writing 41 books on management, politics, economics and society. Drucker has received 25 honorary doctorates from all over the world. His writings on the business world are unmatched in the last 50 years. One relevant t... [More]

Experience and Culture at Caribou Coffee

Any kind of customer oriented business must emphasize culture to maximize potential business. I had the opportunity to visit a Caribou Coffee. The most important element of the customer experience at Caribou Coffee is the atmosphere. Like Starbucks, the building has been specially renovated to ha... [More]